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Bringing Your Small Business Online the Right Way, What You Need to Know


If you’re like most consumers, you use the web to search for answers to your questions and to search for vendors to buy from. Therefore, if you’re running any kind of business, online or offline, you know the majority of your customers are also online just like you. In fact, according to Google, 97% of customers use the web to find local businesses. It’s so important for every business to have a strong web presence in today’s competitive market. If you don’t, you could be losing more business than you care to think about. An online business needs to be promoted professionally. Whether or not your business is new to SEO Phoenix Search Optimization experts have all required skills and experience to implement a winning online marketing strategy that will work for your company’s success.

In addition to having a strong online presence with your desktop site; you should also have a blog or good content throughout your website and an easy to use mobile site or app to go along with your desktop site. No matter how large or small your business is or what industry you’re in, these things are essential to modern, online success. It’s a pivotal part of your marketing strategy.

In addition, many experts believe you should have appropriate social media representation as well to stay competitive.

social-mediaHowever, without desktop and mobile representation, your only business will come from word-of-mouth advertising. Even then, however, you risk losing business because many potential clients will look for how you represent yourself online to determine if they want to go ahead and work with you or not.

Your online presence will help to define your brand and clearly demonstrate what you offer to your clients. Your website or mobile site is going to be the next place your customers visit as soon as they hear about your business through your outbound marketing efforts like:


• PPC ads,
• Banner ads,
• Website and blog ad space you’ve purchased,
• Sponsored blog posts,
• Sponsored print articles, and
• Magazine, radio and TV ads,

In addition, your articles and blog posts should be of good quality, no matter where they’re featured. This is considered inbound marketing. Customers find your content useful or interesting. They then want to learn more about your business. Once they visit your site, they see even more interesting content. They also discover that your product or service offers a solution to a problem they’re experiencing. They become interested in buying your product or service and either buy or delve further to learn more with the intention to possibly buy at a later time.

As you can see, a good web presence is crucial for inbound marketing, outbound marketing and every kind of marketing imaginable. Good quality content will engage people whether they’re interested in your product or service or not. In fact, even if they’re not interested in your product or service or they have no use for it, if they enjoy your content; they will recommend you to others if they come across someone who does need your product or service.

Therefore, it always pays to try to give everyone who stops by your website a good or memorable experience that they can’t find anywhere else.

The web seems to be the common ground where customers shake hands with businesses and their owners in the modern business marketplace.